Kcore Brain Projects

Below are our main projects relating to Kcore Brain. For an extensive list of projects we have accomplished visit our publications page.

  • C. elegans and its neural synchronization via connectome fibration symmetries. Explore through a user friendly app here!
  • Functional network analysis of brain data. Read more here!
  • Symmetric connectome. Read more here!
  • Functional brain networks and brain influencers. Read more here!

Funding for the development of this website has been provided by:

  • NSF CRCNS IIS Grant # 1515022: Targeted Stimulations in Brain Network of Networks.
    PI: Hernan Makse, Co-PI: Lucas Parra. Link.
  • NIH BRAIN Initiative Grant # R01 EB028157: Application of the principle of symmetry to neural circuitry: From building blocks to neural synchronization in the connectome.
    PI: Hernan Makse, Co-PI: Manuel Zimmer. Link.
  • NIH BRAIN Initiative Grant # 1R01EB022720: Graph theoretical analysis of the effect of brain tumors on functional MRI networks.
    PI: Hernan Makse, Co-PI: Andrei I. Holodny. Link.